Sunday, July 13, 2008

New releases at Elemental Design in Fashion District

As the opening date for Tampa Bay Fashion District draws nearer and the stores are getting their final decorations, new releases are coming out, as well cool free gifts. Some of the news at Elemental Design store are Snap and Secrets pants sets for those long hot clubbing nights and Palm Island and Bangkok skirt sets for the seductress in you. As far as men's fashion goes, Boby Brimm is promising the release of his formal and party collections before the grand opening, to match all the new designs Aly made. At the moment boys and girls can both get some free gifts at Tampa Bay, mainly T shirts, but then again, its summer, how much more a man needs in these high temperatures? :)

We have included some photos and there will be more of them to come, with customer impressions and comments on the new releases... stay tuned !

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sexy Masquerade

Masquerade store in Fashion District in Tampa Bay has re-opened its doors with new ads and some new outfits as well. Smoking hot is the main definition of this store's style and direction. A self confident woman is hot... naturally... yet with clothes Masquerade style... smoking is the adjective that cannot be ignored. Whether on a party, street or home you can choose a "dress to kill" from many of Masquerade's sexy and fetish outfits. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a self confident woman... a visit to Tampa's own Masquerade will change that forever... men will literally throw themselves at you for a chance to kneel in front of You... try it once and stick with it forever... its Masquerade time in hottie town ;)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Fashion District at Tampa Bay to open soon

The creative team working under guidance of Prism owner and designer Journey McLaglen is almost ready to open it's doors to public. The sim is already open for public access, though most stores are set to start sales by the end of July. The Fashion District will feature "a sim full of clothes" as Dave Casanova the co-owner of Glam Couture put it. Names like Prism, Glam, Elemental Design, Dilligaf, Masquerade, Charade and other quality brands will feature fashion styles catering to both women and men's needs and desires. It was said that The Fashion District will not be a mere shopping sim, since it will present fashion events as well as parties and many other SL community happenings. Visit our blog for updated news on the opening date as well as some awesome prizes for both old and new residents :)