Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lucky Chairs at Tampa Bay.........

OMG.......run is you have not done so already to Tampa Bay as there are now 13 - YES - 13 Lucky Chairs available with fantastic outfits from the stores on the sim. The outfits are from Prism, Glam Couture, Dinzeo, Dilligaf, PixelDolls and more and are all quality outfits. Everyone would do well to tell any Newbie friends that you have to spend some time at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay in the Lucky Chair area and try to grab the great outfits so start out their experiences in SL. The sim is open for everyone to open their packages there and we would ask that everyone clean up after yourself, but take you time and sort your inventory while you are waiting for your "letter" to appear on a chair at ............

Tampa Bay (111/162/23).

Dinzeo Designs.......some new styles!

Devon Dinzeo of Dinzeo Designs as ventured into some new styles for his creations. He has released two new outfits for men - The Hurt Outfit and the Army Stud. What a deal these outfits are for the men in SL. Not only do both outfits include the jeans, shirts and the various accessories such as leg bandana, gloves, amo belt and belts, but shoes are also included in both outfits.............a guy just cannot go wrong with purchasing one of these outfits.
* * * * * * * * * *
Dinzeo Designs at The Fashion District in Tampa Bay (162/192/23)
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Other news from The Fashion District.........I understand that Dinzeo Designs is getting ready to move out of its cute current store into the middle of the Tampa Bay sim and open a store that will be double the size..........Hmmmm...........that means that the cute little store that currently houses Dinzeo Designs will be vacant. Also PixelDolls at Tampa Bay has added a second floor and shortly the second floor will be filled with outfits nicely displayed from PixelDolls. I also understand that Masquerade will be leaving the sim and Charade will be taking over the space that Masquerade now occupies which will open up Charade to being twice the size it is currently. Stay tuned as things are always changing and expanding in The Fashion District at Tampa Bay. Lots of fashion available for all............

Monday, October 20, 2008

Goodies at Charade.....costumes for all events?

Charade located in the Fashion District of the Tampa Bay sim is a marvelous store to visit for any costume or role playing needs that you might have. All of the outfits that are available for both men and women have a lot of options and parts. The store is a great place to visit even outside the normal costume seasons and the gowns for the ladies can certainly be used at other events. Charade at Tampa Bay (163/63/23)
* * * * * * * * * *
As a gift to everyone, Journey McLaglen has place a big pumpkin at the front part of the store which contains a lot of goodies for both MEN & WOMEN. The pumpkin will be available until Halloween and it includes skins for both men and women, a couple of costumes for women and one for men, a Halloween fun hut, hats, hair and just about anything that you would need to be ready for Halloween. Please stop by and accept this marvelous gift and look around Charade.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Release at Dinzeo Designs!

Devon Dinzeo of Denzeo Designs has released a new outfit for men. The outfit is called Jonas and it features a very nice stripped sweater with a v neck and handsome jeans to finish the outfit. I also understand that Dinzeo Designs is going to be expanding into offering some clothing for women also.............so both of you can shop here together. Please be sure to touch the subscribe - o - matic to stay informed of any new releases and updates.
Dinzeo Designs at the Fashion District in Tampa Bay (164/192/23)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PixelDolls at the Fashion District - REOPENED!

Everyone be aware that there is a PixelDolls in the Fashion District of the Tampa Bay sim. The store has been enlarged and is open for business. The clothes are all very nicely displayed and arranged in very good taste. You can find all the things that you love about PixelDolls right here in the Fashion District. There are live models modeling the outfits from the store. And.....if you are a lucky chair person, I believe that you will find some selected PixelDoll outfits available on a limited promotional basis in the lucky chairs on the sim.
* * * * * * * * * *
Today, I selected the outfit MES. REGRETS to feature in my blog. This outfit is perfect for the season with Halloween approaching and all the parties that will be abounding in SL. If you have that special someone that you are planning an evening out and you are not ready to put on that costume, looks at this gorgeous outfit as it has several options. You can either wear the very sexy revealing top or there is a more modest version. There is the gorgeous flexi wispy skirt and you will turn heads when you enter a room wearing this ensemble. Come to PIXELDOLLS in the Fashion District of the Tampa Bay sim.
Pixel Lounge and PIxelDolls at Tampa Bay (216/166/23)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Charade at the Fashion District for your costume needs!

With Halloween just around the corner and everyone in SL loving to dress for the season or event just because we can........and if you are not happy with all the free Halloween Costumes that many designers are offering, then come by Charade in the Fashion District on the Tampa Bay sim and check out all the marvelous costumes that would not only work for Halloween but for those that love to roll play in some of the sims. I think one of the outfits that really caught my attention was called Richard. This outfit has so many parts and options and the prim work is outstanding. There is a cap, and breast plate and shield and this is truly an outfit fit for a KING. There are fantastic outfits for both men and women.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New store - MoniT at the Fashion District!

At the Fashion District at Tampa Bay, there is a new store called MoniT that has some really sexy and sensational outfits.........and OMG, hurry as the prices for the clothes in this store are just way too low for the quality of the work. They are so cute and well made. I grabbed this outfit called Mara in Beige - it is available in additional colors and quickly put it on. I was delighted with the details and the cute little skirt. There are other really cute outfits available for all of you beauties to put on and catch the attentions of your men in SL.