Monday, June 22, 2009

Dollarbies at The Fashion District......

Have you been to The Fashion District of Tampa Bay lately? Well if you have not dropped by recently then you should. Not only to shop at all the stores that are in The Fashion District, but if nothing else, to pick up all the Dollarbies that are being offered by all of the stores.
* * * * * * * * * *

I will give you a little run down on what you might find should you decide to drop by.......

There is a RED/WHITE/BLUE Sale going on at PixelDolls - Affordable Fashion. Search the vendors for any outfits that might belong in that category and make a purchase. I understand that there is a sensational catsuit available if you should find it. Check out the picture for the dollarbie that is offered there.

Then head over to Dinzeo Designs and this is for the guys since Dinzeo Designs is a store for men.

Swing on around and hit Charade and find a fantasy outfit called Alena.

Run across the street and visit Prism Haute Couture where the current dollarbie is a cute outfit called Honey Bee by Journey. Remember to check back here regularly as Journey McLaglen always puts on dollarbies on a weekly basis.

Continue down the street to Glam Couture. Generally there is a dollarbie available at this store, but not at this time; however, be sure to stop and spend a little time at the 13 LUCKY CHAIRS that contain fantastic outfits from the stores in the sim. These are very nice quality outfits that are worth waiting for your letter to come up and with so many chairs, your letter will come up often.

* * * * * * * *

Just past Glam Couture, you will come to DCNY Clothing Co. Here are the dollarbies and a freebie that are available from there.

Cross the street and you will find Dilligaf and there are several outfits available there as well as an outfit for the guys. (Outfit for the guys not featured in the photos.)

Cross the street again to Formally Yours and pick up this lovely gown for a evening out with a significant other.

When you exit, cross the street again to Nip Tuck and you will find dollarbies for both men and women that contain skins and shapes.

Now you should have a lot of dollarbies to open and some sorting to do..............have fun and thank you for visiting The Fashion District of Tampa Bay.

Here is your taxi to Tampa Bay...............Tampa Bay 211/168/22. This LM should land you in PixelDolls and then you can make your way around the sim.