Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Men's Clothing........

Devon Denzeo sent out a message that there are new duds for the guys in his store Dinzeo Designs. Above is pictured at new outfit called Boulder and it includes two nicely finished t-shirts and those ever popular black jeans with the "worn look" in just the right places. Visit Dinzeo Designs at the Fashion District in the Tampa Bay sim.
Keep your eyes open here for notices of the reopening of Dilligaf at the Tampa Bay sim. The store is currently under renovations for expansion and should be back in business in a few days with a new look. When Journey and Dave decide to move the furniture........they do it quickly and efficiently with the help Devon.
PixelDolls has been reopened and restocked with a vast assortment of clothes. The store has the clothes very nicely displayed and a large assortment. There are live models actively working the stores and modeling the clothes from PixelDolls.
Come to the FASHION DISTRICT for all your shopping needs - there is a store for just about any thing that you might need in the way of fashion. (Tampa Bay 128/128/2)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Two More LUCKY CHAIRS......

At the Fashion District, two more lucky chairs have been added to the eight that already exist and have been so popular. A person can find a wide selection of outfits in the lucky chairs that are placed there to promote the stores in the Fashion District. The ones that patiently wait for their letter to come could possible grab a free PIXELDOLLS outfit that have been placed in the chairs for a special 24 hr. promotion of the newly expanded PIXELDOLLS on the Tampa Bay sim. Outfits are unique to the chairs and not generally sold in the stores and they are changed often and sometimes daily to keep the variety and possibilities limitless. You will find it worth you time to hang out in the Lucky Chair area of the Fashion District. BTW, the sim owners have made it so that you can unpack your boxes and rez your objects while standing around waiting for your letter.......so enjoy........sort you inventory.........we all need to do that and await your opportunity to jump on a chair and claim your prize. Just please remember not to rez any big objects and limit it to sorting your wardrobe and please take your boxes back once you have opened them and keep the Fashion District tidy for all.........ENJOY......tp in your friends.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happenings at Fashion District!

LUCKY CHAIRS - 8 of them at the Tampa Sim...........

Look at this really cute plaid top, with lovely shrug and skirt. I was just so excited when I put on this outfit and........it did not cost me a linden. This is the example of the types of outfits that can be found in the LUCKY CHAIRS at the Tampa Bay sim. As I put on each piece of this outfit and it came with a prim skirt and a flexi skirt option, I was awed at the detail of this outfit. The shrug is adorable and the plaid of the top is very well done and you have your choice of types of skirts. This outfit was from the store GLAM COUTURE which is on the Tampa Bay sim directly across from the Lucky Chair location and it is called Glam Couture Plaid in Purple. (Tampa Bay 111/164/23)


I wore this outfit around the remainder of my day in SL and had numerous inquires are to where I had picked up such a cute outfit and it is very fitting for the fall of the year.


Soon to reopen in the Fashion District is a branch of PixelDolls the PixelDolls Lounge. The store went down for remodeling earlier this week and it has been doubled in size. Journey McLaglen is restocking the store with all sorts of Pixel items and it will be open in a matter of a few days. I heard a rumor that there might be an event surrounding the reopening and that means releases and fantastic freebies as the owners of this sim are very gracious.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dinzeo Designs at Tampa Bay - New Release!

There is a great need for decent men's clothing in SL and The Fashion District is fortunate to have a branch of Dinzeo Designs on the Tampa Bay sim. Devon Dinzeo has created a sharp outfit for men featuring an argyle styled zip up hoodie called the Hurley Outfit. The outfit comes with the sweater, jeans, sculpted sleeves, hoodie, wast band, front pockets and pants pockets for the guy that is tuned into being in style and good looking for the ladies for the decent price of only L$200L. Stop and shop at Dinzeo Designs at Tampa Bay.
The Lucky Chairs at Tampa Bay are a hopping place to be. I decided to check out some other lucky chair sites that held as many lucky chairs as one would find at Tampa Bay and sadly I found no one hanging out to grab the gifts that the chairs had to offer, there must be something about the chairs at Tampa Bay that are drawing a big crowd constantly. Could it be the quality clothes that are offered in the chairs???? Pop on over and join in the fun of the LUCKY CHAIRS at Tampa Bay.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Tampa Bay Fashion District.........

Hello Everyone, this is Loxley Tatham and I will be assuming the responsibilities of writing the blogs for the stores and events that make up the Tampa Bay sim and namely the Fashion District at Tampa Bay. The sim, under the guidance of Prism owner and designer Journey McLaglen is open and thriving with weekly events at Prism and Glam Coutour that is owned by Journey's partner and sim's co-owner - Dave Casanova. There are fabulous weekly giveaways and a slew of lucky chairs featuring some of the fantastic outfits that are offered in the stores around the sim. The items to be acquired from the lucky chairs are quality outfits and at times there are lindens given to a lucky chair person. The sim also offers a Profile Picks option for those that can remember to return each month to claim their funds and most of the shops in the sim offer a subscribe - o - matic in the stores to keep their customers updated on events and gifts from the shop owners.
Unfortunately, I missed the event but I understand that just this last weekend on Sunday that Journey was active on the sim and she had the sim full with at least 41 people hanging out around the lucky chairs and waiting for their "letters" to appear so that they could snag their prize. When not shopping, the lucky chair area is a nice place to hang out and chat and wait for your chance at a fantastic outfit or some lindens. See you at the Tampa Bay Fashion District.......