Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dinzeo Designs.......some new styles!

Devon Dinzeo of Dinzeo Designs as ventured into some new styles for his creations. He has released two new outfits for men - The Hurt Outfit and the Army Stud. What a deal these outfits are for the men in SL. Not only do both outfits include the jeans, shirts and the various accessories such as leg bandana, gloves, amo belt and belts, but shoes are also included in both outfits.............a guy just cannot go wrong with purchasing one of these outfits.
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Dinzeo Designs at The Fashion District in Tampa Bay (162/192/23)
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Other news from The Fashion District.........I understand that Dinzeo Designs is getting ready to move out of its cute current store into the middle of the Tampa Bay sim and open a store that will be double the size..........Hmmmm...........that means that the cute little store that currently houses Dinzeo Designs will be vacant. Also PixelDolls at Tampa Bay has added a second floor and shortly the second floor will be filled with outfits nicely displayed from PixelDolls. I also understand that Masquerade will be leaving the sim and Charade will be taking over the space that Masquerade now occupies which will open up Charade to being twice the size it is currently. Stay tuned as things are always changing and expanding in The Fashion District at Tampa Bay. Lots of fashion available for all............

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