Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PixelDolls at the Fashion District - REOPENED!

Everyone be aware that there is a PixelDolls in the Fashion District of the Tampa Bay sim. The store has been enlarged and is open for business. The clothes are all very nicely displayed and arranged in very good taste. You can find all the things that you love about PixelDolls right here in the Fashion District. There are live models modeling the outfits from the store. And.....if you are a lucky chair person, I believe that you will find some selected PixelDoll outfits available on a limited promotional basis in the lucky chairs on the sim.
* * * * * * * * * *
Today, I selected the outfit MES. REGRETS to feature in my blog. This outfit is perfect for the season with Halloween approaching and all the parties that will be abounding in SL. If you have that special someone that you are planning an evening out and you are not ready to put on that costume, looks at this gorgeous outfit as it has several options. You can either wear the very sexy revealing top or there is a more modest version. There is the gorgeous flexi wispy skirt and you will turn heads when you enter a room wearing this ensemble. Come to PIXELDOLLS in the Fashion District of the Tampa Bay sim.
Pixel Lounge and PIxelDolls at Tampa Bay (216/166/23)

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